Find your Funny: Come Play with us and support CWB, July 3-8

Clowns Without Borders

Not just the best medicine, but frequently in times of crisis and even times of peace, it’s the most accessible medicine.  Often, it’s the only medicine.  You don’t need a prescription, you don’t need training, you don’t need much to find it if you can simply know where to look—it’s laughter and it’s simple.

It’s how you entice a potential mother-in-law that you might be a good candidate for her daughter’s hand.  It’s a way to efficiently release tension when the board meeting is not going so well.  It’s a tool that is universal with regards to language.  It’s a tool that lays a foundation for connectivity between the heart, the mind and the global community.

We have witnessed laughter at the sites of a suicide bombing in Eastern Turkey—artists performing for children who lost loved ones in that very place. I’ve watched children, dying of Ebola, sit up on bed and laugh and play despite indescribably pain in their joints and severe dehydration.  And I’ve watched children in Central Park freeze in a state of wonder and awe as they watch an artist form bubbles the size of the children themselves—and when they pop, shrieks of joy follow.  And then their parents smile.

Resilience abounds when the catalyst for laughter is present.

No matter who we are, we have the capability to laugh.  No matter who we are, we have the capability to make others smile.

And that is why Clowns Without Borders is partnering with the Omega Institute this summer to share what we do best—brings smiles and build community.  We want you to join us.

Clown teachers from around the U.S. will be offering classes, accessible to all people interested. Educators, parents, artists, healthcare workers—anyone.  Our faculty will work with you to “Find your Funny” and explore methods by which you can bring laughter and joy into your community, into your home and into your workplace.  We are not here to make you clowns, but we will play with you, using clown techniques, to help you explore the funny within.

Our master teachers are internationally renown instructors and performers:  Barry Lubin—a member of the International Clown Hall of Fame and creator of “Grandma,” who has starred in the Big Apple Circus and Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey;  Moshe Cohen—the founder of Clowns Without Borders-USA and a visionary in the field of dancing between the worlds of Clown and Zen practices; Hilary Chaplain—co-founder of the New York Goofs and award winning solo performer; Sarah Foster—long-time performing artist and board member of Clowns Without Borders-USA, hospital clown and humanitarian; and myself (humbled to share the stage with these amazing clowns).  We will collaborate to provide workshops that culminate in a community of people that play well together, people that may understand the seriousness and silllyness of laughter, and people that will leave this workshop with a better knowing of how they can bring a smile to someone else’s face.

Now is the time to sign up for this workshop.  Now is the time to meet Clowns Without Borders, meet clowns with a vast array of experience and learn together,  in safe setting, about playfulness.


This is a way to support the work of Clowns Without Borders-USA.  By participating in this workshop, a portion of your tuition goes directly to support the work of CWB.  You may already know about what we do, but if not, read this.

Come play with us.  And if you can’t play, consider sponsoring someone else to play.  You can donate tuition for the event and then another person can come play in your honor.

E-mail me at for more information on how you can join in the fun!

The workshop runs from July 3-July 8 at the beautiful Omega campus in Rhinebeck, NY.



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